Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dreary weather and we're tired of it!

Just because we're in south Texas it doesn't mean we're warm. Today was another rainy, misty, dreary day. I don't think the temperature reached 55 today.

Yesterday our friends Karen and Dave arrived late afternoon. They had planned to stay longer in north Texas but the weather chased them south. Anne and I had dinner for them but first we had to go to the movies!

Pat and Vern, Anne and Scotty plus Jim and I went to see Avatar late yesterday. I think the movie started around 1630. It was a long movie! I couldn't sit through it all because of my back and missed about 10-15 towards the end. We all loved the special effects and can only imagine what it looked like in 3-D. At Tinseltown on Monday all movies are $5. We got home around 1930 and dropped Anne off to 'wake' Dave and Karen so they could come to dinner. They traveled 12 hours! Mac and Cheese, ham, some steamed veggies and corn muffins. We sat and talked until 2100. We split up heading to our rigs to settle in for the night.

We both slept well last night with just the comforter and an exhaust fan. When I get up I usually turn off the fan and turn on the furnace. This morning we were in the upper 40's outside.

Jim has been reading a lot to pass the time indoors. Today Anne and I got haircuts and then we went shopping. We hit Target and HEB, not buying much but enjoying our time out of the house.

We had spaghetti and a Cesar salad for dinner along with a glass of Merlot. Jim is still reading and I'm watching PBS, Escape to Dreamland: The Story of the Tamiami Trail.

It would be nice to see the sun again......