Friday, December 4, 2009

What happened to our warm weather?

We both slept until almost 0900 this morning. I'm tellin' ya, this cold weather makes us sleep better and longer! I love it! I heard the rain off and on during the night, nothing heavy but it must have rained quite a bit because we had puddles again.

Today we pretty much stayed indoors. It was overcast most of the day. Jim ventured out to get rid of the trash and picked up the mail. I brought my potted plants inside just in case the temperature goes as low as predicted.

Even Boo didn't want to be outside long!

We had oatmeal for breakfast. Pea soup for lunch and some shrimp pasta for dinner. The only cooking I did today was lemon poppy seed bread. It went well with my afternoon coffee. I took some over to Anne and Scotty just so I could see Anne! We haven't been outside to see one another for two days!

The sun did come out to end our day and the sunset was pretty only because the sun was out!

We spent most of the day on our computers...I did crochet some on an afghan while I watched my soaps.

I think tomorrow we're supposed to have sunshine but the high will only be in the 60's. I really don't mind these chilly days we've been having but if this keeps up I'm going to have to buy some clothes!