Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teresa and Trent

Last summer we met a lovely Canadian couple who hopes to join us RV'ers on the road. For now they still live in the cold north and I think they are jealous! I'm sure they sent this cold rainy weather to spoil our sunny, relaxing days.... :)

Trent and Teresa please, PLEASE keep the cold weather up north where it belongs!

Today we had another rainy, chilly day. I was up around 0715 this morning. I had an appointment at the VA center for blood work. Since they always test me for diabetes (runs in the family) I had to fast. No coffee to start my day! Yuck! We were there for the 0830 bloodletting, then headed back home.

I made myself some coffee and made biscuits for our breakfast. Jim had sausage gravy for his. Having the oven on helped heat the house and it sure made it smell good.

I needed to mail a package so we went to the post office and boy were they busy! If you have packages to mail out for Christmas do it now. After that chore was done we headed over to Barnes and Nobles to while away some time. We like to read magazines and I like to peruse the cookbooks.

Back home I watched my soaps. Anne and Scotty went to Mexico today and picked up some tequila for us so I went next door to swap our money for the booze. We got to talking about dinner and we decided we'd eat my Spanish rice at their house with some corn muffins. We ladies had a glass of wine. After dinner we sat around and chatted for awhile. Home by 1900 to watch President Obama.

Well Jim watched and listened while I took a shower. We watched NCIS and now I'm watching Chopped on the Food Network

We did have a pretty sunset tonight. We haven't seen the sun for two days and our forecast is for sunny skies tomorrow.