Monday, December 14, 2009

the weather is yucky!

A lovely rose for my readers. I took this with my phone camera just before we went shopping.

I know I shouldn't complain as folks north of us have much colder weather. But we haven't seen the sun in days and today was no different. It did warm up to at least 73 and that's great.

This morning I did a load of laundry, made the bed and did the breakfast dishes. After lunch Anne and I went shopping, nothing exciting, just groceries and a stop at Ulta. We did make a stop a Feldmans where we joined and got a 10% discount on our purchases today. I bought a bottle of Lemoncello.

We stopped at HEB for a couple items then home. It only took us three hours.... :)

While I was gone Jim tidied up the kitchen for me....thanks honey!

Anne made Mudslide iced coffees for our happy hour. Tasty! Then we had tacos for dinner. After dinner we sat around and listened to some Christmas music and chatting. I think we came home around 1930. I cleaned up the mess I made in the kitchen.

We've both showered and we're watching Top Gear on BBCA. Boo is snoozing while we play games on our computers

Hope your day had some sunshine!