Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Many thanks!

Yesterday was a wonderful day!

After doing our normal, daily routine Jim took me out to lunch. We went to Kumori in Palms Crossing Mall. Our lunch was good, we had hot green tea, gyozo for starters and Jim had a dish with beef, veggies and fried rice while I had shrimp tempura with a side of fried rice. More than enough food for the two of us! We even took fried rice home.

After lunch we next door for my birthday present. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has the best truffles and that's what I wanted, one truffle. Jim bought 4 so we could share them with Anne and Scotty.

Before we headed home we stopped at HEB for a few items.

Back home I put our purchases away and did my online banking and watched my soaps. I made some guacamole for happy hour and around 1600 we headed next door to share our chocolate truffles with the Scotts.

It wasn't long before our friends started arriving. Pat and Vern, Diana and John, Dan (Amy stayed home so she wouldn't spread her cold) showed up with food and gifts and cards. Amy and Dan got me a Frog cake! the two other couples gave me a card each. They all brought food!

Dave and Karen were with us in spirit! That's my pina colada!

Anne baked me a cholesterol free cake and put four candles on it.

Diana and Dan

Anne and Pat

Some of the food we had. Turkey sandwiches, cheeses and crackers, dips and chips and a fruit bowl.

My Frog Cake! thanks Amy and Dan. I don't think they knew green is my favorite color and I love frogs!

Another shot of the cakes

Anne, Pat, Vern and Diana
Sonsearae called but it was noisy so we didn't talk long. She sent me this cosmetic case that I wanted.

It holds all my potted powders that are now organized!

The party broke up when I had to head home to shower for our night out. It was a great gathering and I loved sharing my birthday with friends!
As we were leaving for the concert Anne took this picture of the sunset. A beautiful ending to the day.

But the day wasn't over! The eight of us in two vehicles headed to McAllen to attend the Christmas Around the World concert. The McAllen Symphonic Band conducted by David Isadore provided us with an evening of Christmas music that was very nice indeed!
We were home by 2130 and in bed an hour later....My birthday was perfect!