Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm a wife!

LOL and today I did laundry, made pea soup and a pasta dinner!

Nothing like cold weather and no plans to bring out my domestic side. After out breakfast of blueberry muffins I started on the laundry. Then I did dishes so I could mess up the kitchen again.

I had smoked ham hocks in the freezer and used one to make the pea soup. We had some for lunch and it was yummy! Just the thing on a chilly day....mid 50's for the high today. I shared some with the Scott's. Needed to save some for tomorrow because it's going to be COLD again. Speaking of cold, the predicted low for tonight is the mid 40's.

I watched my soaps this afternoon. Jim played games on his computer and finished reading a book. I walked Boo around the block.

I fixed a shrimp/pasta dish for dinner that both of us enjoyed. Dinner dishes are done, we've showered and soon we'll head to bed. We've been watching TV and playing games on the computer