Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How about some pictures?

Today was a lovely day. Quite a bit of wind, but it's south Texas! I did some laundry, some ironing. Jim finished up the repairs on the roof.

Anne and I rode down to the office. The next three pictures show how they've decorated the porch.

looking left
the tree in the center

looking right towards guest services
We stopped in the office to say hi and I took these pictures of some of the items that have been collected for the two families the resort is sponsoring for Christmas. I was told there is more in the back room

Food, toiletries, clothing, blankets.

Dishes, household items. The families are very needy and it looks like most everyone has donated something!

The ladies working in the office were quite busy. But Terry took time out to pose for me!

She's a sweet gal and everyone loves her....She's a bit balmy when it comes to decorating for Christmas! the next two pictures show some of the decorations she and Mark have set up outside their rig.

That's a little hippo wearing a tutu, three trees...looks like some candles on the right

It was so windy today this snowman fell over while I was taking the shot! The dog is lifting his leg on the wires....it's not a real dog!
Since Jim got the dish up and running I was able to watch all my soaps today. Around 1600 I made some coffee and sat outside with Jim. Didn't take long before Boo wandered next door and Jim had to chase him down. We were invited to join Anne and Scotty. She was carving a chickadee.
Once I finished my coffee we all changed clothes and headed to Pizza Hut for dinner. Ten dollar pizza and a beer. Better yet, dinner with friends!
This evening has been breezy and comfortable. It's 71 degrees outside as I type this. I like this kind of weather.
This is our little tree on the right side of the desk area

Our cards sit on the left...
Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale