Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Once again I need to catch up! What can I say? For one thing I'm glad the Holiday Season is over.

Let's go back to Thursday, it was a long day. In the morning we had Couples Dancing, can't say we're getting the hang of it but it is interesting! When class let out we headed over to Karen and Dave's, can't remember why but Jim and I ended up having lunch with them. Karen likes to feed everyone and has no problem with last minute plans.

After lunch Karen and I went with Anne to HEB, what a zoo! But we needed to pick up some last minute items for our table. We made our purchases and headed home. When I got inside Jim was sleeping.....first time the sun had been out in days and he was napping. Not sure how long he'd been sleeping but he slept another couple hours after I got home. When he got up he grabbed a beer and went next door. I made some coffee and joined him and we sat with Anne and Scotty for a bit.

We didn't really have any dinner. We knew we'd have lots to eat at the party, New Years Eve at the clubhouse! Around seven we started getting ready. We both looked nice but I don't have pictures of us.

Jim took all these pictures. At our table were 4 couples, Anne and Scotty, Karen and Dave, Carol and Tom (we met them one time before) and ourselves.

Carol and Tom
Miss Anne looking mighty happy

Scotty and Anne dancing

Our 'dj' Cassandra, she did a real good job with the music. Good mix of country and rock, old and new and some fun stuff like the Chicken Dance and YMCA. During the evening prizes were given out and Jim won a Texas pin for his Chicken Dance and Carol won for the same dance. She had never done it before and claimed she only won because she copied Jim!

Diana and John

Vern and Pat

Dave and Karen


Anne was feeling no pain and dancing in her chair

Line dancing

Trudi and Dan, they won for YMCA

Harvey and Gail

Anne and Scotty

Ron and Mary

Jim and Carol
The party ended at midnight after four hours, we had way to much food to eat from sandwiches to sweets. We brought a lot of wine to drink but only went through two bottles.
Friday I know I went for a walk with Anne, just a stroll around the resort. We checked our garden and found more plants coming up! Then we checked mail and stopped in at the office to wish the staff a Happy New Year.
The day was pretty nice with the sun out, a good way to start the new year. Today was my turn to nap and while I did Jim got the truck cleaned up. Pat and Vern invited us for dinner at five. I steamed some broccoli and cauliflower to take. Five couples gathered and we had a lovely meal, pork grilled outside along with scalloped potatoes, my veggie dish and bread that Anne brought. Karen made two pies for dessert, one strawberry and one chocolate.
We ate outside but once the sun went down it got quite chilly! Vern built a fire in his pit and it helped but before long we had to leave, it was just to cold to sit out.
Once home a hot shower and the furnace running helped warm me up!
Today was another nice day but still much cooler than we like. During the afternoon clouds moved in and I think we might get some rain tomorrow.
For dinner tonight we went with the Scott's and had pizza at Pizza Hut. Those ten dollar pizza's are pretty tasty! We stopped at Karen and Dave's for dessert and I think we finished off the pie's from last night.
Once home we showered and watched TV. Dr Who on BBCA and the show that followed, Demons....not sure I care for it.
Now it's time for bed!