Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First in Club

Monday Started out sunny and bright! Early morning we got a call from friends in Llano Grande inviting us to ride at Bentsen state park. So we headed over to the park once the dishes were done and the bed made.

We met up with Marilyn and Ed and their party in the parking lot. I think there were around 20 of us riding through the park. Everyone on bicycles except for Jim and I on our trikes. A few had never been before and we stopped often to see birds and javalinas. Among the birds we saw, green jays, kiskadees, cardinals and doves. We even saw a baby javalina....

We left them when they stopped for lunch at the picnic area. We made plans to meet Marilyn and Ed on Tuesday for a trip to Mexico.

We came home and had some lunch then headed out to get some cash for out trip and fuel for the truck. The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the sun!

I've included pictures of the First In Club. If you check in the first three weeks of October you belong to this exclusive club. :) Jenni and Don the managers here at Bentsen Palm Resort hosted a tamale party while the rest of us brought side dishes. Anne, above with Scotty and to the left with her face covered, brought a beautiful mixed salad.

This lovely lady in Black is Jenni.

to the left is Don, Below is Vern and Pat, she brought a pineapple cream cheese dessert that everyone loved.

Marilyn and Jerry to the left. She brought a corn dish that she buys from Schwans and tweaked, very tasty! Oh, I brought charro beans new to a few of the guests.

Below is Mark and Terry, they brought their margarita machine and treated us to tasty margaritas all evening!

Anne to the left and Don below. As the evening wore on it did get chilly. But we had a beautiful sunset to end our sunny day.

Platinum is Jenni and Don's friendly dog. sometime after 2000 the party broke up and we were home in time to watch Castle