Monday, January 11, 2010


Ever wonder why people write blogs? I'm sure for some it's an ego thing. Like to see that complete strangers read what you have written. For me it was a way to inform my family and friends of our whereabouts.

Being full time RV'ers snail mail is almost non existent. Most, if not all our bills are paid online, we don't subscribe to magazines because it cost to forward them and by the time you get them they're out of date. We neither want nor get junk mail.

Now that almost everyone we know is on Facebook I wonder why I should write a blog. Does everyone really want to know I'm doing laundry? Today it's sheets. Or what 'm having for dinner? Probably leftovers today.

Do you get tired of hearing about our lousy weather? I sure get tired of repeating myself. It is warming up today, maybe mid 60's but it's cloudy and gloomy. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but colder than we like.

Yesterday the clubhouse had dogs and brats, Jim said potato salad, chips and cookies came with it. A group of us ladies decided the guys could have that and we'd go out for dinner. Diana, Karen, Anne and I went to Macaroni Grill and had a lovely meal. I didn't have pasta but the other ladies did. Diana had seafood with hers, Karen had chicken Marsala and Anne had eggplant Parmesan that came with a side of pasta. I ordered the center cut lamb and it came with grilled veggies. We all had a salad. Diana and I enjoyed a glass of Gabbiano Chianti. For dessert we ordered one tira misu and Karen declined, Diana only had a couple bites and Anne and I were 'forced' to eat most of it! :) We talked of many things and I had a wonderful time. I think the other ladies did too because we think we need to do this often!

It was dark when we got home around 1900. After I showered I did the dishes and settled in for the evening. A little football and a movie, Spy Kids rounded out our evening.

I hope the severe arctic cold weather we've been 'enjoying' is over. We're all tired of socks, jackets and long pants! Of course when it isn't freezing cold we get overcast skies and maybe rain. Can't win....