Friday, January 8, 2010

Really cold day

I was up around 0730 this morning and it was cold and as the day passed it did not warm up at all!

After breakfast I did dishes and made the bed and just tried to stay warm. I decided to make a pot of soup. Leeks, potatoes, spinach and white beans. It's pretty good! I watched my soaps and managed to stay warm and toasty all day.

We had dinner with the Scott's, Anne made beef stew and while the three of them had stew I had my soup. I made some biscuits and we all enjoyed those! After dinner Scotty and I had some lemoncello while Anne and Jim had a mudslide. These cold days are cutting into out happy hours! :)

tonight we went to a performance at the club house, The Freddie and Shelia Show! Also Clint Pelletier, Freddies son. They're from Saskatchewan and perform for the winter Texans for a month or so before heading westward to Arizona and California to perform for other snowbirds. They were super! They all play guitars but the men pick a mean guitar! It was an interesting mix of styles and genres.

Our clubhouse is not big and isn't heated. For some reason my nose and cheeks were painfully cold. Everyone was bundled up against the cold. Some ladies even brought blankets. Most of us don't have 'winter' clothing.

Jim put some water in our holding tank and when we got home tonight he disconnected our water and drained the hose. We're supposed to get freezing temperatures tonight with clear skies. Right now it's 41 degrees outside. Have I mentioned we don't like cold weather?

Where ever you are I hope you're warm!