Friday, January 22, 2010

Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Tuesday we didn't linger over breakfast because we had plans to go to Mexico with Marilyn and Ed. We were on the road by 0930 and arrived at LLano Grande just after 1000. Only one other couple went with us, Roger and Joyce. Since we can get 6 adults in our truck, Jim drove.

It didn't take us long to get there and we decided to head to the Red Snapper for lunch. The place was almost empty! We were a bit early but if you wait to long you have to wait to be seated. We ordered our margaritas and enjoyed talking with our friends. For lunch five of us ordered the garlic shrimp and Ed ordered fried catfish. Everyone enjoyed their meal. No dessert. By the time we left there was a line of folks waiting for a table.

We strolled the shops picking up a few things. we stopped at the vet pharmacy and got flea med for Boo. Ed and Marilyn got vanilla and booze. It was a sunny day and it was crowded in Nuevo Progresso!

Once back at Llano Grande we sat around in the nice breeze and had another cold drink. After a bit Jim mentioned all we needed was a fire pit and some peanuts! During the summer in Colorado Springs, Marilyn, Ed, Jim and I would sit around the fire pit and enjoy each others company while snacking on peanuts. Well Ed dug out some peanuts and we tossed the shells in a tub! We sifted through the Dray's movie collection and brought some home to view.

Back home Jim took a nap...I watched my soaps.

Wednesday I can't really remember what we did. the days just run into each other. There is a weekly margarita hour at the club house and we went. We had dinner before so we didn't indulge in the table of goodies.

That evening they had a talent show ala American Idol, I think. Since we don't watch the show I'm not sure. Anyway there was a panal of judges and residents competed. This will go on weekly for a month with eliminations and a winner. After an hour or so I left and Jim came home shortly thereafter. The few singers we heard were good. But as with any amateur production there were some presentation problems!

Yesterday Jim took the truck in for a recall problem and transmission fluid work. While he was gone I did laundry, some cleaning and crafting. Made some miso soup. Just normal at home chores.

We had dinner with the Scott's, grilling burgers and eating on the patio. We also had some slaw and beans.

Again this morning we have overcast skies and it's a bit hazy outside. Last night just after sundown there was a lot of smoke in the area and we had to close up the house against the smell.