Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boo, this and that

Boo had his teeth cleaned yesterday and I think he's back to normal tonight. Jim took him to the vet around 0730 yesterday and dropped him off. Meanwhile Anne and I had our hair cut around 0815! Sure was odd to come home to a quiet house. We both spent the day doing this and that. Jim called the vet around 1430 and they said we could pick him up around 1600.
Once we got him home we kept a close watch on him. He was a bit groggy and wasn't interested in eating. The instructions said to keep him warm so we took him to happy hour with his blankie! He did eat some cheese and crackers and perked up a little with all the attention.

Once home he ate his dinner then slept the evening away!

I forgot to mention that last Saturday Jim and I went out. We hit PetsMart to find some dental supplies for Boo. He’s got his teeth cleaned the 26th and we need to be more attentive to brushing/cleaning his teeth. So we picked up some items to help with that.

Then we went to Bed Bath & Beyond. We didn’t need anything; we just like to stroll around the store. I think they changed the layout because it was different to me. Also it reminded me of Walmart with racks of items in the isles. A lot of stuff was priced to sell! I bought three dish towels for $1.50 and a round vinyl tablecloth for a dollar. We also found a dish rack that really appealed to us! It folds up to maybe 4-5 inches, you can use both sides or fold one side up and it fits in our large kitchen sink. Plastic construction.

folded in the sink
Unfolded on the counter, as you can barely see it will hold quite a few dishes. I really like it!

Back at the truck Jim asked ‘where else?’ I said “how about lunch”? So we went to Carino’s for an Italian meal. They have one of those meal deals too. $19.99 and we each got a Caesar salad (you could have soup instead), two entrees and two desserts. Jim chose the shrimp skilletini and I had artichoke angel hair pasta. We both had tira misu for dessert. Lovely meal with my honey!

Monday was Anne's birthday and we went to Hayashi Hibachi restaurant for dinner. Ten of us! Diana and john, Pat and Vern, Karen and Dave, Anne and Scotty and Jim and I. We had a great meal, some had beef, some had seafood but everyone had the veggies pictured below.
We've been her before and we had our favorite Chef.

This is the 'onion volcano' he does, always a hit! We told the staff that it was Anne's birthday and they brought out some ice cream for her with a candle and sang Happy Birthday.
Today clouds moved in and we had wind all day. Boo slept most of the day and around 1500 he actually barked! I'm sure his throat was sore from the intubation and he mostly whined last night and this morning. I fed him around 1600 and he ate all his dinner after skipping breakfast. Once the hair grows back on his leg he'll be back to normal!
There's a nice breeze coming in the windows and I don't think it will get much cooler tonight. Looks like another quilt night. We're watching Bones and we'll watch Leverage later.