Friday, January 8, 2010

trying to stay warm

yesterday we played hookey and skipped dance class. We had a couple planned stops. First one was Petco where we dropped Boo off for a 'spa' treatment. :) Then we headed to lunch at Kumori at, but they don't open until 1130!

So I suggested we visit the Veterans Memorial because Jim hadn't seen it. Though it isn't finished it is very impressive. While there I saw a family of Jack Rabbits off in the distance. I couldn't get close enough to count them. but it looked like half dozen or so.

Then we popped into Sports Authority to look for a hat for Jim. He lost one of his and wants to replace it. No luck though. Then we parked by Barnes and Nobles and walked over to Kumori. The lunch menu is good and we enjoyed our lunch. Jim had beef teppanyaki and I had a chicken rice bowl. We shared gyozo and hot green tea.

While we were eating the front started coming through and the rain and wind were cold and nasty, making the walk back to Barnes and Nobles a fast paced walk! We went inside and spent an hour or so looking at magazines and books. Didn't buy anything.

Then we headed to HEB to pick up a few things and we called and Boo was ready to pick up. He sure was glad to see us! And I was glad to see him, I hate leaving him with strangers.

Back home we settled in and tried to stay warm! The temperature kept dropping all afternoon and a frost was predicted. I don't think we got one but it did dip into the upper 30's.

Right now it's 38 degrees outside and our furnace is working hard! This arctic blast of cold weather is the pits!