Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Bentsen Palms RV Resort 50-60's Dance

We've been enjoying some very nice weather, mid 80's during the day and somewhere in the 60's at night. A couple mornings started out with some clouds but once they burn off the day is gorgeous.

We've just been enjoying our days here. Some chores, some shopping, some reading and of course TV watching and games on our computers.

Last night night we went to a dance! Every year they have a 50-60's dance here and it's always fun. We think next year it should be a 60-70's dance for we younger folks!

Our DJ was Judy Shuck (970-903-3316) according to her card she does all sorts of music, big band to country. And for Elvis she did some requests!

At our table were Pat and Vern, Karen and Dave, Anne and Scotty and ourselves. We each brought something to snack on, chips, dips, veggies, brie covered with caramel and pecans, cream puffs. Not much of it went home. Naturally we brought our own drinks. The men mostly had beer as did Pat. Anne and Scotty had some wine and Karen and I didn't have any alcohol! I had a squirt, not sure what Karen had besides water.
Elvis....I mean Vern and his lady Pat

Scotty and Anne

Dave and Karen

Vern and Anne twisting their way to a contest win! Jim and I were eliminated :(

Pat and Vern to the left and Karen and Dave below

Vern, Pat ad Karen doing the Locomotion

Anne and Scotty tripping the light fantastic!

No one left early so I assume everyone had a good time. I know we did! The party ended at 2200 and once home it didn't take long for sleep to overtake us. Dancing can be very hard you know!
Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~ Robin Williams