Monday, February 1, 2010

Stress is not good!

After posting that Boo was getting back to normal after having his teeth cleaned, everything went downhill. Even dogs can get stressed and he did.

I really don't want to go into gory details but by Friday 'stuff' was coming out the back end. Saturday morning there was some fresh blood from all the straining to go. I called his vet only to discover they are not open on Saturdays. Ok.... I knew not to give Boo any more food to let his system rest. He spent most of the day pacing here and there, very restless.

Late afternoon he threw up and it had dark blood in it and there was way to much for his little tummy, no wonder he was uncomfortable. We called PetsMart as they have vets on site and found out we could bring him in. After a few questions to get him in the system we were placed in an exam room. They took a stool sample, blood and ran tests. Gastrointestinal distress. Not a good thing but at least he wasn't running a fever with something worse! He got a shot to help relax him, some 'pepto bismol' type medicine to take twice a day and some probiotics to get that good bacteria back in his system. And no food for another 24 hours.

He got the first dose of pepto at the vet and on the way home he barfed it up. Not fun cleaning that up while traveling down the highway! Poor Jim, his leg was covered with it.

We slept all night long! Boo and I got up around 0530 and after he took a leak he went back to bed. I stayed up, had coffee and amused myself playing games on the computer. When it was close to Jim's wake up call I made some Pumpkin muffins. The smell was wonderful! It was super way to help warm the house on a chilly morning.

Sunday Boo did much better, no messy incidents. Took his meds like a champ and suffered through a bath. His messy ends needed to be cleaned up. :) I hope it made him feel better. I fed him some rice and chicken for dinner and he scarfed it right up! Then looked for more.

Again we all slept all night long. We've all had breakfast, pancakes and sausage for us while Boo had chicken and rice.

I've done my morning chores, might go to a movie today. Need to pick up some groceries.

It's been chilly the past few days and this morning it's misty and overcast. Middle 50's and it might get 10 degrees 'warmer' by this afternoon.

to all of you who expressed concern for Boo I think you....