Friday, February 26, 2010

We’ve seen some birds the past few days. A few are Red wing black birds, mockingbirds, Kiskadee, great tailed grackles and a hummingbird. When the weather is cold they show up to be fed. I don’t have feeders out because the black birds empty them in seconds, it seems. But I do have a window feeder and of course the hummingbird feeder on the window. On the fence we have a peanut butter log that a mockingbird guards with a vengeance. A little Carolina wren has visited when he can slip by the mockingbird.

It looks like today will be warmer. I know Jim likes that. He has always said he wants the weather warm enough to wear shorts and go barefoot. We haven’t had much of that this winter.

Last night we went to a pot luck dinner/party at Jeni and Don’s (managers, Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort). Six couples and we all brought good food to eat! Jeni grilled some pork riblets and we had salads, macaroni and cheese, ham and beans, a pasta and chicken dish and cake for dessert. Terry brought a cooler full of beer that we helped to drink J Thanks Terry for letting us bring home the leftovers! A couple of hours later we broke up and headed home.

When we learned the flea market wasn't open today Jim asked if I'd like to go visit Marilyn and Ed over at LLano Grande in Mercedes. We've spent the past two summers with them in Colorado Springs and consider them good friends. Of course I said yes! And then I asked if we could go out to lunch too! Of course Jim said yes....

So we changed into city clothes and headed out. Our first stop was Target so Jim could look at the patio chairs they have there. I picked up a chair the other day for me and he likes it. Then we headed to Kumori for a delicious lunch. I had shrimp tempura and Jim had Beef something or other. we both had hot green tea. We both like this restaurant but I wish we could find a Japanese restaurant that doesn't use butter in everything.

After our lovely lunch we headed east on highway 83 to visit with our friends. As we passed McAllen we noticed a traffic jam on the west bound side. Traffic was backed up for a couple miles and we decided we'd head home the back way when we left Marilyn and Ed's. Shortly thereafter we arrived at our friends home on wheels and found Ed outside setting up the patio. After a few hugs we were enjoying some cold drinks and the company of our dear friends. We chatted about everything under the sun in an effort to catch up with our lives! Of course we talked about future travels. (the fact that we read each others blogs has nothing to do with this!)

They were expecting more friends to arrive from San Antonio and Sherry and Rick called when they arrived at the resort. After giving them some time to check in and set up we drove over to greet them. I'm sure we met them in Colorado Springs but no matter we met them again and the six of us decided to have a bite to eat at Fat Daddy's, a bbq place that people line up to eat at! We got there just before crowds arrived and had some mighty good food. What more do we need? Good Friends and good Ed would say, Life is Good!

Once home we were invited over to the Scotts for dessert! More food!!!! So I made a cup of coffee, fed Boo and the three of us headed next door. We sat talking with Anne and Scotty for about an hour....

Once home I showered, Boo is sleeping and I'm watching a show about Freaky Festivals on FLN

He who eats alone chokes alone. ~Proverb