Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I was up shortly after 0700 and it was 37 degrees outside and 51 inside! Time for the furnace and even the fireplace. The sun is out and it should warm up outside reaching the mid-60’s. Soon it was warm and toasty in here. I woke Jim at 0800 after turning on 60’s Revolution on Direct TV.

Today is black tank day and Jim took care of that, braving the chilly weather. That’s my man!

Jim did the breakfast dishes while I dressed and tossed clothes in the wash machine and then he helped me make the bed.

Jim went for a walk and Dave went with him. While he was gone I had lunch. When Jim came home he had a bite to eat then he, Scotty and Dave went over to Retama Village for a Dulcimer jam session.

I watched my soaps and made some jewelry, two necklaces and a pair of earrings. These were projects that needed to be finished. I also put two charms on my charm bracelet.

The day turned out very nice after our cold start. I guess it warmed up to the mid-60's. Once the wind died down a bit it was quite nice. Not that I spent any time outdoors! But the sun was shining and it looked nice out there.
Just as I took my coffee next door to visit with Anne the guys came home. Anne and I enjoyed our coffee and a muffin while the guys sat outside. Soon it was time to get ready for Margarita hour at the clubhouse.

No time to eat before we left so Jim had a plate of goodies from the table. He and Anne had a margarita. I waited until we got home to eat. Anne won the 50-50 drawing and took home $95!
Once home I showered then fixed leftover beans and rice for my dinner. We've been watching Bones and now NCIS.
It's cooling off, 51 degrees outside, it's going down to the mid-40's tonight and that should be good for sleeping.
A good friend is cheaper than therapy. ~Author Unknown