Monday, October 1, 2012

Willow Beach COE Park

Our windows were done early afternoon Saturday.  Thirteen panes of glass taken down and redone.  Although the fogginess wasn't bad on some we had all the living room windows defogged with the exception of the slide windows.  Apparently they have to be dismantled inside.  We'll think about that for awhile and maybe get them done in Florida.  The folks at RV Fog Dr we're very good to work with and they give a two year warranty on their work.

We gave those windows a good workout yesterday on the highway!  Highway 167 from Searcy south needs some serious work!  Bumpy does not cover the ride we had.  But all the windows stayed in place so all is good.

Our drive was a short one, we're at the Willow Beach COE park outside of Little Rock and even in the gloomy sprinkles we knew we'd found a wonderful spot to sit and relax for awhile.  

While setting up I noticed a flock of White Pelicans on the water and the picture above shows our view of this lake

Later I watched the pelicans stalking the was like they were chasing the heron away
 Jim enjoying the show

 Apparently they play this game all the time.  The heron just kept walking while the pelicans floated by
I forgot to post this picture the other day....we were driving to Searcy and in the distance I saw this hill with some odd figures rimming it.  As we got closer I could see about 12-15 trees just decorating the top of this hill like candles on a cake...

We'll be here another week