Sunday, October 14, 2012

We Hate to Leave

The past few days we've been doing our usual routine....some TV, gaming and Netflix.  We did go out for pizza and beer Friday and some fuel for our trip tomorrow.

I had hoped to see more fall color but apparently this is as good as it gets here at Willow Beach COE

There were some pretty trees planted at the local Lowe's

I will miss this little island we can see from our site


This beautiful hawk was looking for dinner, I'm sure.  I couldn't get closer, the first step I took he flew off

We had a wicked storm pass through last night and it woke all three of us.  Driving rain, thunder and wind!  Still gloomy when I got up but by noon the clouds parted and the sun came out.  As I type this it's in the middle 70's and very breezy.

Jim has been outside getting the tires ready for travel and packing up some stuff.  Now it's time for some football.  The Saints aren't playing so we'll cheer on the New York Giants...we are fans of Eli Manning

Tomorrow we head to West Memphis, Tom Sawyer Mississippi River RV Park...
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