Friday, October 12, 2012

Little Bit of this Little bit of that

Last Sunday was chilly!  Upper 40's when I got up.  The skies did clear some but the sun mostly came and went.  We watched some football and Netflix.  Took Boo for a short walk, even he was reluctant to stay out  in the cold weather.  We had BLT'S for dinner because we had apple pie with our coffee and we just didn't get hungry!  Saints finally won their first game and Drew Brees passed Johnny Unitas' record of career passes.  We slept with the comforter....ahhh warmth...

Monday I was up at 0700 and it was a bit 'warmer' with a temperature of 50....lot's of clouds.  My phone battery was dead...does this happen to you?  My phone had a full charge when I went to bed but overnight the battery was drained...and it was turned off!

We decided to stay another week so Jim emptied the black tank into the blue boy and went to the dump station.  While near the office he paid for another week.  This campground is very peaceful and we like it here.  Willow Beach COE park outside of Little Rock in case you've forgotten.  While I was doing some dishes I noticed a bird swoop down into the water and I couldn't quite make out what it was.  Got out my binoculars and the bird turned out to be an Osprey.  While I was watching he decided to take a bath.  Really neat to see!  If I had a different lens I could have taken pictures but the Nikon doesn't zoom out that far.

With our afternoon coffee we finished off the apple pie.  It sure was good.  I picked up some bottled pie mix while in Amish Country.  Just pour into shell and bake....YUM

Jim grilled our dinner, pork loin for him, onions and zucchini for us and I had some re-fried beans.  We watched Bones, some DWTS and Castle

Tuesday I was up around 0700 and there was some fog on the lake.  It's quite pretty.  We believe the geese we're seeing are Canadian Geese and we saw a gazillion of the fly over today.  We made a run to Walmart.  Dinner was Tortellini soup...real easy to make.  about three cups of broth, a package of tortellini and a bag of spinach.  Toss all this together and when the tortellini are cooked, you eat it.  Some good Italian bread and you have dinner.  It was an NCIS night on TV

I guess the front is passing.  Wednesday was not as cold when I got up.  Matter of fact we both found the comforter to warm for sleeping so it's back to the quilt tonight.  The day warmed up to the middle 70's.  Jim washed all the outside windows as they were spotted from the rain we had.  I baked some cookies while Jim napped and we had our coffee outside

Red beans and rice for dinner

Just some relaxing days inside mostly because neither one of us like cold weather