Friday, October 26, 2012

Natchez Trace

What a glorious day Thursday was!  I've never been on the Natchez Trace so after breakfast of pancakes with hot peaches we packed a picnic lunch and hit the road.  We stopped at the Visitor Center just down the road from the campground and Jim got to stamp his book.

We then headed north, my reasoning being that there would be more color...
Our first stop was at Dogwood Valley, a trail with interpretive signs, part of the trace and an old logging road



We stopped at an overlook but it wasn't a scenic one like they said...It was just a way to let the viewer know the significance of the area.

We stopped at Pharr Mounds and had our lunch at the tables set up there.  This 90 acre complex has eight burial mounds that date back 1800 - 2000 years ago.  

Our drive continued on passing over the Ten-Tom Waterway all the way to the Alabama State Line.  The day was sunny, we had the windows open and the colors were beautiful..It's been awhile since we've seen Autumn colors.

We stopped at Cave Springs on the way back and had fun looking at this hole in the ground

From there we just headed towards home.  Made at stop at Walmart for a couple things then home for some much needed coffee.

Jim grilled himself a steak and some zucchini for the two of us and I heated some bbq beans for our dinner.  Along with this we had some previously boiled potatoes

Today the cold front is meandering through, chilly temperatures and some rain so we're staying indoors playing games, computing and watching Netflix
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