Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rain finally ends

Yesterday it was still rainy and gloomy when we got up.  During breakfast it was decided we would go out and about instead of sitting and waiting for the rain to end.  Of course the first thing Jim did was locate a Barnes and Nobles.  That's our go to place when it rains.  We sit and read magazines and usually get a coffee.  So that's where we headed once the morning dishes were done and the bed was made.  

Once there we gathered some reading material and I purchased some hot drinks for us and we enjoyed reading while sipping on our beverage of choice.  Jim had boating magazines and I looked at crochet magazines...it's a pleasant way to spend an hour or so.

Then we went to Cactus Jack's for a Mexican lunch.  Nice place!  Staff was all Hispanic as far as I could tell. Our waiter was very good and 'talked' us into ordering 'grande' draft Dos Equis!  LOL  I guess we should have looked closer at the menu...they were 34 oz glasses!  No matter, we did out best to finish them! Each of us had a couple ounces left when we called it quits.  Our lunch was good, Jim had a shrimp taco salad and I had shrimp cooked in garlic with re-fried beans, rice and tortillas with a side of guacamole, sour cream an pico de gallo on a bed of lettuce.  I brought some of my lunch home.

We managed to walk out on our own and we headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up a bottle of soda mixer for Jim.  We had a coupon for 20% off and while there I found an 'ooooh' 'aahhh' rug for the kitchen.  I used the coupon from my phone for this one.  It was marked down so double savings, I like that.  The rug is cushioned and it's washable.

Once we finished there we headed to Walmart to pick up a few groceries and get fuel.  We had money on the card and fuel cost $3.73 (I think), not bad since everywhere we looked it was running 3.99-4.05.  My grocery list wasn't long and we managed to quickly get out without it costing to much.  Jim even hurried me!  Well his ice cream was melting.  

Once home I put our groceries away and Jim stowed his purchases in a compartment.  Then he came in and took a nap!  I guess the excitement of the trip and the beer wore him out.  :-)

We had our afternoon coffee outside.  The afternoon turned out sunny and breezy. We were treated to a hawk hunting his dinner and of course the herons and pelicans entertained us also.   After Boo had his dinner we went for a walk and I took some pictures.  Met one guy who said they were full timers and make this there home base during the winter.  They have to leave now and then but they just go down the road for a few days then come back.  

The sites here are quite spacious!

 To the right of the above picture is the bath house and in the right foreground is a magnolia tree.  The grounds and landscaping are quite nice and except for the fact they use a herbicide on the vegetation along the lake shore it would be perfect.  Most sites have shade for part of the day.  The sun sets on the front of our rig.  I'm hoping to get some pretty pictures.

Last night it looked like all the pelicans in the region were right outside on the lake.  Hard to get a good picture with all of them.  We also have red squirrels and I've seen scissor tailed fly catchers

We watched TV and had a quiet evening.  That is until they came around and sprayed for mosquitoes!  This campground is very nice and I'm sure it stays busy in the summer months.  We booked for eight nights but who knows, we may stay longer.