Thursday, October 18, 2012

West Memphis, Arkansas

We had a glorious, sunny morning Monday.  It made packing up easier.  Since our drive was a short one we took our time packing up.  Another thirty minutes or so at the dump station and we were on the road shortly after 1100

The Pelicans came by to say goodbye!

The drive was easy with just a little construction and a lot of bumpy interstate...made a stop for lunch.  Shortly after 1400 we checked into Tom Sawyer Mississippi River RV Park

I was torn between setting up and taking pictures of the river traffic

Jim used to work on the river in New Orleans and again at Baton Rouge...neither one of us tire of watching 'boats on the water'

We were both stunned at how low the 'Mighty Mississippi' is

As you can see it was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon too

Finally got all my setting up chores done so we both sat and enjoyed a cold beer

Watching the boats slowly make their way up and down the river

Very relaxing....dinner was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
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