Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beale Street

Wednesday I was up early enough to see the sunrise....I took a gazillion pictures but I won't bore you with all of them.  The sky was just lovely with purples and mauve's, then the sun popped over the trees and started to warm the earth.  Then it slipped behind the cloud layer and I was treated to another sunrise a few minutes later

We had made plans to cross the river and re-visit Memphis, Tennessee.  So after breakfast and morning chores we headed to Beale Street.  After driving around downtown and seeing St Jude  we attempted to find a parking spot for our big black beastie.  Meters were twenty five cents for fifteen minutes...limit of two we paid five bucks for a secure lot.  Plenty of room there!

Once we got to Beale Street we just walked up one side and down the other.  Checking out shops here and there.  I told Jim to choose a restaurant and after reading a few menus we decided on Rum Boogie's

The place was decorated with guitars!  Plastered with names of the donors


Quite interesting!

Jim had a barbecue plate while I had catfish, we both had cole slaw.  I had fries and Jim had potato salad.  We both washed our lunch down with a cold beer!

After lunch we headed towards the parking lot and made a stop at Gibson and got to see some lovely, expensive and reasonably priced instruments.  As we exited the building there was a line of beautiful trees sporting some Autumn color

Afterwards we headed east to hit a couple stores.  We needed a soda cartridge so we found a Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I thought the store was a little small...As we drove down Poplar Street we passed the Whole Foods Market so our return trip included a stop there!  It too was a small store.  I guess I'm spoiled....The stores in Louisiana and Texas are much bigger!

Back home the weather took a turn for the worse.  The wind got worse, clouds moved in and then the rain started.  Jim's phone kept warning us with tornado warnings and watches....made for interesting evening.  During CSI we even lost our TV signal.  We decided to bring in the two big slides because the wind was making a horrendous racket lifting the slide toppers up.

Needless to say we didn't rest well....every time I heard a 'train' sound I listened for the horns.  Shortly after going to bed the winds died down and the rain lessened.

We weathered the night and all is right with the world!
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