Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We had a cloudy start last Friday and after dishes and bed making we went for  ride and today we got to see some 'wildlife'!

When I first saw this turtle he was sunning himself on the blacktop...I guess I bothered him and on the return trip he was heading off into the grass

Jim was way ahead of me and apparently didn't see this cutie.  I sat ans watched him the longest time.  Jim came back to see what held me up

We went out to lunch at Carino's and I had Angel Hair pasta with artichokes and Jim had chicken Parmesan.  Very tasty!  After lunch we headed west to Whole Foods Market.  From where we are set up it's a long drive and I hadn't planned on going.  Jim decided I needed a 'fix'.   If you've ever been in one of their stores you know they set out goodies to sample.  Truffles!  Luscious chocolate truffles and I had three of them!  Jim put a box in the cart but I removed them....

Back home we just enjoyed the beautiful day, I guess the temperature was in the mid 80's.  We sat outside with our afternoon coffee.  Jim spotted this preying mantis

I'm not sure how long I watched her but she had a good time walking all over the ladder

Even Boo enjoys this place!

Before we headed in the pelicans made an appearance...must have been a couple hundred of them.  Whirling around and filling the sky!  It's a good thing they are quiet...

We watched Netflix again.  Another episode of Downton Abby, have you seen this series?  Quite interesting and entertaining.  We also watched Midsomer Murders...who doesn't like a good murder mystery?

Rain moved in and the temperature started to drop....and we should have put the comforter on the bed.  Both of us got chilly under the quilt.

Saturday when I got up it was 50 degrees outside...we just settled in and watched TV and Netflix.  I baked an apple pie and our dinner was leftovers.  Not sure what exactly, just cleaning out the fridge.