Monday, October 8, 2012


Thursday I was up by 0700 and immediately went outside.  There was fog on the lake and I needed to take some pictures.  It was so peaceful and serene...


After my morning chores of dishes and bed making we went for a ride.  Not sure when we rode last and it felt good to be out in the fresh air.  The roads here are good for riding and I hope we do it daily

Of course I took more pictures!  The whole area is lovely and there's no lack of beautiful spots

Not much color on the trees

Jim did some waxing on the rig and I'm sure he needs to do more.  But there's no hurry.  Today the temperature reached the low to mid 80's, perfect for any outdoor activity.  We all went for a walk and I found some flowers still blooming.  Counted 10 rigs, so half the campground is full.

Every day a murder of crows show up and it sure gets noisy for a bit.  They don't stay long but it always reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock and his movie, The Birds.  

For dinner I made Enchilda Bake, a Happy Herbivore recipe.  It's so easy to make and we both enjoy the dish.

After dinner we enjoyed a beautiful sunset!  Purples and mauve's with some violet thrown in...but no pictures, sorry.

Watched Downton Abby and Midsomer Murders on Netflix
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