Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chilly weather moves in!

Yesterday we just hung around the house all day.  It started chilly and damp, then a bit of rain and the sun never came out.  Good day for doing nothing!  We read some, played games some and watched some college football.  I made some fried rice for our dinner.

Isn't Boo looking good?  I'm not sure why we wait so long between groomings, we always say we'll keep him trimmed and forget.  And we always seem to cut his hair short right before a cold front!  He's been a 'lap' dog the past couple of days.

I hope these pictures aren't repeats, but I just have to share all this lovely color with my readers.  Today it's still on the chilly side but the sun is out.  Yesterday they came around a blew all the leaves off the sites and sucked them up in this big vacuum looking thing.  Sure was quick work and I'm sure it beats raking them up.

This campground is a busy one!  Every day we've seen rigs come and go.  Some folks just stayed overnight, others a couple nights

Jim is outside taking care of the tires and black tank because tomorrow we head out.  Turning the rig towards the Southeast.  I know Jim will be happy to find warmer too I suppose but I am enjoying this touch of Autumn weather.

Hope the folks in the North East weather Hurricane Sandy with little damage...
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