Friday, September 28, 2012

Searcy, Arkansas

Well, we've been here a few days and yesterday they started work on our windows.  We have full hook-ups right here on their lot.  May not be the most beautiful place we've stayed but it's free!   There's been a lot going on here and Jim has enjoyed watching and learning about de-fogging windows.  I've mostly stayed inside out of the way

Boo is doing better.  We started him on Benedryl in Eureka Springs and within a couple days I noticed a big improvement in him.  When he goes through these flea bites he seems to have an allergic reaction and he scratches so much that he removes hair and has sore, bald spots that cause him to scratch more.  So the medicine is to break the cycle.  Today and yesterday, no new spots!  The old ones are clearing up without the aid of calamine lotion.  Needless to say we are all getting to sleep better at night!  He's also back to eating normally and that makes me happy.  I don't mind him missing a meal now and then but he wasn't showing much interest in food and that's a worrisome thing for me.

Last night we got to meet a reader of my blog!  Debbie Likert and her husband Frank met us for dinner at The Pasta Grill just down the road from us.  It's ever so nice to meet people who actually read this blog!  Debbie and I also know each other from Facebook.  We had a grand time talking and getting to know this nice couple and I hope we see them on the road in the future.  They RV, but still have a home here in Searcy.

Some rain moved into the area last night just as we were getting ready to go out to dinner.  Fortunately, just sprinkles until we got inside the restaurant.  Then there was a nice shower while we ate.  When we left it was over.  Not sure how hard or long it rained but we have puddles here on the gravel lot.