Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eureka Springs

 We've been here since last Friday.  Our drive over was easy and a wee bit challenging because the more you get into the Ozarks the slower you have to drive while towing a big rig.  Still the drive only took about four hours from Osage Beach.  We only spent two nights there but enjoyed it.  I think we'll have to go back for a longer visit.
Lake of the Ozarks State Park
 We had a picnic lunch at Lake of the Ozark State Park.  It was a beautiful time!  Weather was perfect
But Eureka Springs was calling us....we love this city and the surrounding area.  We come here as often as we can and I think we could live here.....three season, maybe even four if I could talk Jim into it!

Our first night here we went out to eat and it was nice to sit outside and enjoy our meal.  Angler's had hummingbird feeders everywhere and watching the birds was so delightful!  Our meal was catfish and it was delicious, we both had a beer and we won't do that very often!  There is a huge tax on beer (alcohol).

Weather wise it went downhill from there and a system moved in that gave us rainy, gloomy days.  We managed to 'weather' this with a free HBO weekend, reading and gaming.  We did venture out Saturday to mail a package and dash through the raindrops for lunch at Bubba's BBQ.  We have always eaten here as they serve very good BBQ.

I was surprised there was a veggie burger on the menu and this is what I had...very tasty too!  Jim had a messy sandwich that included chili, he had to cut and eat with a fork.  Chips and pickles and tea and lemonade complimented our meal...

Then back home for more TV, reading and games....

Wanderlust RV park is where we're staying and our site is at the end of the park, way in the back!  If you know this place we're in site 76 and our only complaint is the light right in our front yard.  Every night we have to pull down both blinds and leave the closet door open to block the light from coming in...oh the blind in the shower.  Now that the sun is out I'll take some pictures.

There was a Scooter fest last weekend and the campground was full.  It was fun watching everyone around us leave on Sunday.

Jim made a trip yesterday to get some work done on the truck.  He had to get up while it was dark so he could be there for 0800.  It was nice being alone with only Boo...didn't do anything special, same chores had to be done.  Jim was home for lunch and then a nice nap.

Today?  who knows...