Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hannibal, Mo

We left Rantoul last Friday under threatening skies.  As we pulled out we did get a sprinkling of rain.  But the dark clouds were all north of us and we were heading west, south west.  So we drove out of it!   Not sure when we had clear skies but it made the drive more comfortable.  Jim doesn't like driving in the rain....who does?

For some reason Jim decided to get a case of vertigo last Wednesday and spent most of Thursday resting.  It happens every now and then and there isn't much he can do about it.  For me?  I don't have to cook much...I wasn't sure we'd be able to drive to Hannibal

But we did and we arrived around 1400 at the Mark Twain Cave Campground.  It was pretty warm setting up in the sun and Jim did well, just taking it slow and easy.  We were almost through when Marilyn and Ed Dray,  came home from visiting and shopping.  They invited us over, when we were ready, for happy hour.

We haven't seen our friends since earlier this year in South Texas.  We headed over and had a few drinks and chatted catching up.  Then it was decided we'd continue the fun and have dinner across the street.  Since it was starting to sprinkle we all got in our truck and drove over.

We all enjoyed a catfish dinner that was mighty tasty.  Different sides for everyone but a couple of us had extra fish it was that tasty!  No dessert and no leftovers.  Sitting outside was nice and the river traffic was interesting

Yesterday was just a lazy day around the campground.  Jim still down with vertigo so I went to Walmart with Marilyn and Jennifer.

Today is looking better!  Jim hasn't napped all day.  We actually had dinner.  Jim grilled himself a small steak and I made oven sweet potato fries and salad and for me a black bean dish with Tofurky kielbasa and salsa.

We're watching the Saints lose to the Skins and I'm not happy about that!

That's about it from here.  A couple more nights and we'll be on the road again....