Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7 years ago

The past twenty four hours have been very emotional for me.  Hurricane Isaac has stirred up a lot of memories!

Seven years ago Hurricane Katrina was coming to New Orleans and we left town.  We evacuated heading to Lake Charles in our small 5th wheel.....who knew we'd still be rving???

Several days later we were allowed to go back home.  I can't begin to tell you how returning to our home felt first sight as we got closer to New Orleans was of naked trees....I expected downed power lines and trees.  I knew there would be damage to buildings and homes...but naked trees in September just blew my mind.  Our home had what we call normal hurricane damage...part of the roof was gone which allowed rain to come in.  Carpeting and walls were soaked.  We didn't have any flooding in our neighborhood.

My heart goes out to all in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, the road ahead will be hard but I know that the resilience of these fine southern people will prevail.  You can rebuild!

We stayed in the area for another year while Jim worked and we repaired the house.  We lived in Baton Rouge on the levee outside of Jim's office.  Driving down to Terrytown when we could, man did that get old!  Jim retired a year later and we lived on base in Algiers so we could get the house cleaned out and sold.

So we've been Full Timing for seven years....

 I love it and still look forward to traveling