Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunny Weekend

Saturday we had planned on staying home but I received notice that our Escapee mail was at the Howe Post Office, so we had to pick it up before they closed.  So we headed out and picked up our mail.  I love getting mail and since we've been here we got mail two days in a row!   

Since we were out and about we decided to go to the Gun and Knife Show in Shipshewana.  It seems every where we go we miss this show by a week or so!  There was a fee of $5 each to get in.  We spent a couple hours wandering around and checking out the old and new merchandise.  Some folks had some antique items that I could have bought but have no need for!  And I saw a neat knife, but again, I didn't need it.  Well worth the price of admission.

By this time we were hungry so we headed to Pizza Hut....because we had money on a gift card.  Turns out there was more than I thought and our lunch only cost us around $5.50...of course they didn't serve beer or it would have cost more....

After lunch we headed home where Jim took a nap and I caught up on some reading.  With my left eye still blurry I can only read for a little while then I have to do something else.  I also rested for about 30 minutes.

Right after we made our coffee Joyce and Roger Steinmiller dropped by.  They were staying at Twin Mills RV Park in Howe.  They were in this area picking up their new Mobile Suites.  It was nice visiting with them and we tried to make plans for a get together on Sunday but all the Amish restaurants and businesses are closed on Sunday.  
Not sure what we did for dinner Saturday, I don't cook when we eat out.  :-)

On Sunday we realized we could eat at a place that Kay told us about so Jim called Roger and a plan was born!  We drove over to see their new home and I must say with all the upgrades it's quite nice.  The commercial size refrigerator would be a nice addition as would the dishwasher!  But I still like our little home on wheels and would rather downsize than get bigger.  We sat and visited with them and Lily, their toy poodle.  Lily has grown from puppy to a pretty little lady.

Roger drove us to Adams Lake Pub, http://www.adamslakepub.com/ and we sat on the patio and enjoyed the company and the view.  It was nice getting together with them and we learned more about each other.  It's always fun to meet up with friends and we haven't seen them since March.  It was a good way to spend Sunday afternoon

No dinner!  Just some yummy tender baby popcorn.  We watched some of the closing ceremonies from the London Summer Olympics

Monday we knew some work would be done on our rig so we had breakfast and then just got everything ready so we could just pull in the slides and leave...well, we waited and waited, then it was lunch time so we had some lunch and waited some more.  Since it was getting later and later I decided I wanted my four pm coffee early because I just knew the rig would be in the shop at that time...Turns out if you make your coffee they will come!  

No problem, we put our shoes on and fifteen minutes later the rig was ready to move.

This little thistle was growing next to the building

We hit the road and killed time by mailing some postcards and driving down back roads.  We also bought some diesel fuel for $3.88, we've seen it as high as $4.07 in this area.  We also drove by Maple Ridge and Crabapple Cove (http://www.rvparkreviews.com/regions/Indiana/LaGrange.html) where there are sites to be had for only $20 a night.  It will be nice to have full hookups again!

Paul was just finishing up with the bushings and we just backed up and hooked up and left in the rain....yes more rain for the area and I think it's wonderful but I sure don't like parking and setting up in the rain.  Did a load of laundry

Dinner was Mesquite beans and fried potatoes with onions and peppers.  Quite tasty even if it was fried!  We also had some more popcorn...

Today I'm doing laundry, four loads today and I made a pot of taco soup which should keep us fed a couple days.

Not sure when the rest of our repairs will be done, have to wait on parts