Friday, August 24, 2012

Work is done!

We left Lagrange last Monday and I know we'll both miss the area.  We did have some rain but overall the weather was beautiful.  The temperatures weren't in the triple digits which makes wandering around outside a lot more comfortable for these two older people!

The Amish are a hardworking people and there's much to admire about their way of life.  According to a film we watched their numbers are growing and I wonder where their future lies.  Because of the lack of available farm land some have to make a living dealing with our world.  More and more they are leaving their comfort zone

there are all sizes and shapes of buggies, from pony traps to this stately coach
teens are the same everywhere, they love their music

We stopped in at the farmer's market on Saturday and I found some lovely zucchini and onions grown without GMO's.    He said all his crops were organic so I'm guessing this was from his kitchen garden
this tree was on our site and I don't know what the fruit is....maybe cherries

We came back to White River in Cicero because it's so nice here!  Except for a trip to get groceries  we've just been hanging around.  Jim has worked some on the rig.  Got the roof washed and of course that means the windows had to be washed and the sides wiped down if not cleaned.

We've sat out and walked, even grilled some zucchini!  For the most part the days have warmed up into the lower 80's so we've had the windows open.  At night because of campfires we close up the house and turn on the AC.  We've even slept under two quilts because it dips down into the 50's overnight.

We wanted to stay longer here but this county campground is very popular on the weekends and we're leaving today for Rantoul, Illinois.  This will be a new stop for us, not sure what we'll find, but I know we'll enjoy the trip!
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