Friday, August 3, 2012

White River Campground, Cicero, Indiana

We left Ft Knox around 1000 yesterday and our trip was uneventful except for the horrible roads!  Can anyone tell me if there are any smooth roads left in America?  We did find some newly paved roads that were wonderful but for the most part they were rough and had potholes.

The trip was short too!  Less than 200 miles, so we set up in the heat of the day.  That didn't take long. This is a pretty campground but the lack of water has the river low. Check it out here: 
We have full hook ups but only 30 amp.  And I had tons of laundry to do because last week we didn't have a sewer ....when the sun started to sink I started the washer.

We did spend some time outdoors enjoying our cold beer and yes, I did bring Boo out to sit with us

I can't eat my lettuce fast enough!  this planter is  getting a bit unwieldy and I'll probably dump it when we leave here next week

It was fun last night shutting off the air conditioner to run the microwave then back on then off to run the dryer and water tank.  But all went well and I didn't pop a circuit or blow a fuse.  Our dinner was leftover enchilada bake and steamed green beans.  Not the fanciest way to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary but it's what we wanted.

I was up at 0615 this morning and I don't know why!  Perhaps I knew this would be a good time to do laundry.  But I had to wait for Jim to get up and I did three loads and by 1130 the last load was in the dryer. Then it was off to Matteo's Ristorante for a celebratory lunch.  We may have ordered to much wine but we sure enjoyed it!  Our lunch was wonderful and we were given a dessert with a sparkler to celebrate

Once home we both a wee bit of a nap....and as of this writing I'm not the least bit hungry!