Thursday, January 29, 2009


Sunday started with Jim sleeping in. So.....I didn't get the bed stripped and the sheets washed. :) I did go grocery shopping and picked up Linda, they're in a coach with no toad! I had fun showing her the HEB Plus store. She only needed a few things as did I, but I still ended up with more. I love my veggies.

We did our regular chores in a slow manner, after all it was Sunday! We also had plans for dinner out. Anne's birthday dinner at Kumori, a Japanese restaurant.

There were 8 of us for dinner and once we found the right restaurant we enjoyed good food and the company was super. Anne and Scotty, Karen and Dave, Linda and Gary, and Jim and I. Anne made the reservations and thought it was the hibachi restaurant, but that one was closed.....

Monday started out with a walk for me. As I came back I ran into Karen and Dave and did a loop around the park with them. Karen asked about doing water aerobics but I passed. I understand the other Linda went!

This was my day to catch up on laundry. I stripped the bed and started washing sheets. Jim left to get the oil changed in the truck and he stopped and got his shoulder x-rayed. as the day wore on the wind picked up.