Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lazy Day

Tuesday was a lazy day, I know I did a load of laundry. We didn't have any plans for the day, no appointments! I was still trying to catch up on rest from our afternoon out Saturday.

I tried twice to take a nap, couldn't sleep but it sure felt good to lay down. The colder weather forced me to wear a jacket when I went to check our mail. Brrrr! I do not like cold weather!!!!

This is our feeding station set up on the fence. I can see it out the back window. Of course now it's dimmed a bit because of the screen. There is evidence of bird activity because some of the seed is missing from the left hanging feeder. But I've not seen what bird. Also a Northern Mockingbird has been eating the peanut butter from the log. Of course I put the peanut butter out for the Kiskadees and woodpeckers.....
Haven't seen one yet, of course we're gone a lot!

My sister Roxann sent me an invitation to join Face book, so in a moment of weakness, I did. Now I'm linked to all sorts of relatives :) Not sure I'll have much time to do much there as I can't seem to find the time to keep up this blog.

Today Boo had an appointment with the vet. Never a fun trip but the good news is he's healthy and weighs 4 pounds 15 ounces. Tonight he's still tender from shots and resting. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self tomorrow.

Also mailed a package to Sonsearae, her birthday is coming up and I wanted to make sure I didn't forget. I hope she likes what I've sent....

we had a nice dinner tonight. Lima beans, rosemary/sage stuffing and Jim grilled some pork. I'm trying to clean out the freezer. It's terrible to buy food and then eat out most of the time. I think I need to curb my shopping and plan meals better while we're here in the valley.

the weather today started cold. But the afternoon warmed up quite nice and it was nice to have the windows open. Last night dipped down into the lower 40's but tonight it's only getting into the 50's. Good sleeping weather!