Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boca Paila

Saturday was a fun day. During the morning we just did normal chores and visiting. The weather was warm and we were in shorts.

But a cold front was coming, we just didn't know how cold! By the time we dressed for going out to Boca Paila the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees. So we put on our jeans and boots.

After we walked down to Carol and Fred's we headed to Boca Paila for an afternoon of fun. When we arrived we could hear music, the fun had started without us! A couple of gals were line dancing. The band Sweetwater were the entertainment. We got our table and settled in. Ordered some nachos and beer for Fred and I. Carol and Jim had pina colada and Cadillac margarita, respectively.

As the afternoon wore on we all had more drinks and before you know it the sun was setting. A few of us were feeling no pain! I'm glad Fred was driving.

Once home Jim was out like a light! After I picked up his clothes and turned off my computer I also went to be. 2030 .... I can't remember the last time I was in bed that early unless I was sick!!! We both were up several times during the night and I still managed to sleep until 0800! We gotta quit having so much fun! :)

Sunday we pretty much chilled. We did make a grocery run but mostly we stayed home and recuperated. It was a nice day and we both enjoyed our downtime.

Monday Jim had a dentist appointment in Mexico. We made arrangements with Ed and Marilyn to meet at Arturo's for lunch around noon. They were bringing Ginger and Jesse. We met the two couples in Colorado Springs last summer. We took pictures but I don't like the way they turned out.

Lunch included some good food, I had chicken mole. We all had a drink or two! all the guys had beer as did I and Marilyn and Ginger had a margarita. We had a lot of fun catching up and before you know it, it was time for dessert. Ginger and Jesse ordered baked Alaska, the rest of us had flan.
Baked Alaska?
As you can see, the quality of the picture is off. But I've never seen a baked Alaska that looked like this. Our waiter was spooning flaming creme de menthe over the meringue and that was pretty. But once Ginger started eating it, it was apparent that they make this dish differently south of the border! It was only ice cream with decorated meringue. I tasted it and I swear it tasted like Scope! we all had a good laugh over that!
Once we left the restaurant Jim headed back to the dentist. We ladies went across the street to browse the store. I'm not sure where Ed and Jesse went but they met us back at the shop. I walked with them for a bit and when they headed back, I joined Jim at the dentist office. We had made plans to stop by Llano Grande RV Resort on our drive back to Mission.
We found the resort with no problem and soon we found Ed and Marilyn's rig. Ginger and Jesse were already there and in no time at all we were having happy hour! We didn't stay long but it sure was nice to see everyone.