Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Ya'll!

Connie and Frank
Karen and Jerry, I think, I'm awful with names!

Carol looking lovely


Yesterday was a slow day. We did odd jobs around the house. I made zuchinni rolls and stuffed celery for the party later.

We spent some time at Carol and Fred's place. She touched up my manicure and we chatted while she ironed. Jim and Fred sat outside drinking beer! By this time the sun was making an appearance and the day was warming p nicely.

Once home I changed into shorts. Jim took a nap so he could stay up late! We didn't have much of a dinner but around 1600 I got hungry and had some leftover rice. Jim fixed himself a burger. Once I cleaned up the kitchen I showered and got ready for our evening out. I didn't get dressed until it was almost time to go.

The party started at 2000 and we left about a quarter after midnight. Most everyone had left by then and I was ready to get out of my boots! We both wore cowboy attire from hats to boots. Dancing in boots is a new thing for us.

Our table seated 8 and and everyone brought to much food but we enjoyed every bite! We brought wine to drink and a couple others did also. A couple of the guys drank beer. I don't think any of us over did it but we sure had fun! :>) We took a lot of pictures but most of them were to dark.