Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeble attempt to catch up!

Jim and Scotty devised a hitch so Jim can 'tow' the kayak!
Anne enjoying her birthday party on Saturday, hosted by Karen and Dave and attended by 'millions'! Not really but there were more than a dozen people

German Chocolate birthday cake baked by Karen.....YUMMY!

Some of the food that everyone enjoyed
On Saturday morning we headed out to the Don-Wes flea market so Jim could find some struts for the awning. He found some but they don't do credit cards so we left without them. We wandered the stalls but soon left. It was windy and dusty.
We stopped at Lin's for the buffet and left stuffed! We both like Asian cooking and this was first since we got to the valley. Once we had our fill we headed west on Hwy 83 towards home. We stopped at the carpet place to pick up our rugs, but they weren't ready. On to the next stop, HEB to pick up some groceries. But the wind was really blowing now with the front coming through so we just headed home because we couldn't remember if our awning was up or down.
It was down! Jim claims he unhooked the screen and some kind soul re-hooked it. No matter we still had an awning!
Didn't do much after that until Happy Hour and Anne's birthday gathering. By now it's cold so we dressed warmly! My goodness did we have fun! Margaritas and beer were the drinks of choice. Karen made some pina colada jello shots that everyone enjoyed. We had a good time and many laughs were had by all!
We got home around 2230 and we just showered and kicked back for awhile. Then it was off to bed.