Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ever wonder where the time goes?

We're retired, we can do what we like when we want. But it seems like time is running out! :)

Yesterday we made a run to Feldmans a very nice 'spirits' store with a deli and super wine selection. We needed some rum and tequila rose. I've also been wanting to try Limoncello, a lemon liquor. After we left there we stopped at Barnes and Nobles for a couple copies of Spanish in 10 Minutes a Day. The class that Jim is taking is using this book! One book was for Carol. Marilyn loaned me her book and from the printouts that Jim had from class it was evident the instructor was copying the book. One thing new about our book, it cost more but it included a cd. We also bought Spanish CD's for me (us). Hopefully you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Once we got home we made ready for happy hour. Jim put out our awnings and set up the chairs. I set out some snacks. We didn't want to overdo it because we we're going out to dinner. Soon Carol and Fred arrived and we had a good time talking and enjoying the weather. The sun finally came out and warmed up the afternoon. Anne and Scotty came over and joined us for awhile. They had gone to an open house at an RV dealer. They didn't find anything they couldn't live without.

Soon we broke up and Anne and Scotty went home while the four of us piled into Fred's truck and headed to BJ"s. Fred had the Jambalaya, Jim had a thin crust pizza, Carol had a pasta dish and I had pot roast. Jim finished his but the rest of us had leftovers! Then the guys ordered dessert! We always have a good time with this couple and tonight was no different. Good conversation even as we watched the Barret-Jackson auction with no sound. All of us loved looking at the cars and talking about them.

Once home Jim plopped down on the recliner and found a Steven Segal movie to watch. I did some stuff on my puter, showered and around 2130 I went to bed to read for awhile. As soon as the movie ended Jim showered and joined me. Lights out shortly thereafter.

This morning I awoke to sunshine! and it hung around all day! We didn't have anything planned for today. We each did some chores and after lunch we rode our bikes around the state park. It was warm and the middle of the day so we didn't see any birds, but we did hear the chacalakas! Noisy birds! On the way home we stopped to visit with Carol and Fred....a couple beers and snacks later we headed home.

Leftovers for dinner. I had chicken, stuffing and green beans. Jim ate my pot roast!

Just another day that slips by when you don't have to do anything! I love it...