Sunday, January 4, 2009


Inside one of the shops

street scenes

more street scenes

Yesterday we did our normal morning chores and then dressed for our drive to Nuevo Progresso. Jim cleaned the truck because we were driving. Then around 1100 we headed to Carol and Fred's place and picked them up.

The drive over was short mostly because we had a great time talking and enjoying the company of these fun people.

Once we parked and paid the quarter to walk over the bridge it was difficult to get Fred and Carol to the restaurant! Fred stopped and got some meds and Carol wanted to stop at every sidewalk stand. Jim stopped at a dentist and made an appointment. But we finally made it to the Red Snapper restaurant that we'd read about on a friends blog. First time any of us had eaten there so I'm ever so glad the food was good. Jim had shrimp and I had the Mexican plate. I had Dos Equis while the others took advantage of the BOGO drinks. The guys had margaritas and Carol had pina colada. Fred and I had a flan for dessert. We had a great time listening to the live music, what a treat to hear Achy Breaky Heart in Spanish! LOL

Once lunch was out of the way we made our way north and shopped as we walked. If you look long enough you'll find something you need or want. Carol bought some lovely pieces of jewelry and I bought meds for Boo! I did notice there were fewer military then last spring. That was nice.

One more stop at a place Carol remembered getting a good pina colada. I declined, but the others had one. More shopping and then we were back at the border. Why does it cost more to enter the USA? no matter we paid our 30 cents and walked through customs with no problem.

Back in the US Jim had to head east towards the outlet mall on highway 83 to show Carol where it was. She's never been there, I see a trip once Fred goes on a business trip!

The drive back west to Mission was uneventful and we were home in time for dinner. Which we didn't eat! Jim fixed himself a ham sandwich and later I fixed some raw veggies to snack on.