Friday, May 2, 2014

Days are warming up


After we left the library we headed to the commissary, this time for a regular grocery run.  There were some veggies we needed and Jim wanted some yogurt......sixty dollars later we headed home...but wait!

We made another stop at the class six to see if we could find me some Thomas Creek, Up the Creek beer.  No such luck, but we did buy some Stella Artois!  A twelve pack for $12.99 and there was a deal going on.  Buy the twelve pack and get a Chalice.  I was talking to the distributor and he said he'd give me two Chalices because he was trying to get rid of them.  Well as we were checking out he said because I was the first sale of the day he'd give me 6!  

I already had a Chalice from Steamers Clam Bar and Grill in Cedar Key but it's a 12 oz, the new Chalices are 16 oz.  I love freebies, but now I need to find a place to store them  :-)

Once home I turned on the oven so we could have pizza for our late lunch (Digiorno, $4).  Put our purchases away while Jim walked Boo.  Cold beer and pizza...I love it and it was a cheap meal

We were watching a movie while we ate and apparently once the beer and pizza kicked in Jim needed a nap. While he was snoozing on the bed I lounged and checked my eyelids for holes.

Sat outside with our afternoon coffee. Temperature was around 84.  The campground has been filling up this afternoon and we could see and hear the children playing.  One lady was down by the water playing with her German Shepard, running and tossing a toy into the water.  Looked like both were having fun.

We regularly hear and see Helicopters and I'm sure I'll get a good picture before we leave

This part of Lake Tholocco has quite a few tree stumps, but there is a boat launch and of course you can canoe and kayak.  We've seen several boats out fishing 

For dinner on this beautiful evening we had a Caesar salad and corn on the cob.  Jim also had some strawberry shortcake.  My snack was peanut butter and crackers.

Ended up watching the Star Trek movie from 2009, very entertaining on this Friday night.  We even stayed up past our bedtime to see the ending!

finally have WiFi!

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