Friday, May 2, 2014


Saturday Jim slept in, didn't get up until 0930!  Once he was up I made the bed and did the dishes after getting dressed.  Once he finished his coffee and morning internet reading he was ready to travel.

We drove into Dothan with no set destination.  As we approached the city I spotted a a sign that was interesting.  Cactus Flower Cafe, serving California Style Mexican Cuisine.  Apparently there are a few here in the Southeast.

We both had a delightful lunch even if it was on the 'mild' side. Jim ordered chips and guacamole and it came with a salsa. I opted for Vegetarian Tacos with no cheese, making them vegan!  They were made with black beans and my sides were pinto beans and cilantro lime rice. Jim ordered Huevos Rancheros as his meal. The food was good and I brought half my meal home. Jim almost finished his but there wasn't enough to save.

After lunch we continued our drive into town and I must say we were not impressed.  I wanted to find some peanuts and really didn't see any until we were leaving

This wooden carving is outside the Library across the street from the Post Office and we would have missed it except we had to go around the block so I could mail a post card.

As we headed back to the main road I found a Peanut!  Just managed to get my camera ready in time to take this shot through the truck window and we turned the corner.

We made another stop before heading back.  Barnes and Nobles was calling our name.  Didn't stay long but I found a magazine new to me, Scottish Life.  How nice to see this lovely country in an American magazine.  I read most of it and I'll search it out again in the future.

Once home we just enjoyed our coffee indoors, fed Boo and relaxed the rest of the day.

Dinner was leftover Clam Chowder for Jim.  Sonsearae bought him some of Tony's Famous Cedar Key Clam Chowder and he loves it!  I had a sushi roll I picked up Friday at the commissary.

I don't remember the specific shows, but our TV viewing was educational or informative.

Boo did not want us to sleep.  We went to bed at our normal time but he kept us awake barking and growling at who knows what.  I got up just before midnight and took him down and shut the bedroom door.  Tried to get comfortable on the lounger and sleep but he wasn't having that either.  An hour and half later we both went back to bed.  

Managed to sleep until 0730 and I let Jim sleep in.  

Sunday was not exactly a day of rest.  But we did watch more educational shows on TV before starting our chores.  Jim headed outside and washed or rinsed most of the rig.  I made croutons out of some stale bread.  We should have enough to last awhile.  I like them in salads and soup.

Had my leftovers for lunch while Jim had a sandwich.  

Have you seen Space Cowboys?  That's what I turned on for my afternoon viewing.  I'd not seen it even though I like all the actors who star in this movie.  

For dinner I fixed jambalaya with shrimp...not from scratch!  Blue Runner did the hard work, I just added the rice and shrimp.  We have always used the red beans and rice so I trusted the brand when I saw this in the store recently.  It could probably feed 6 along with a salad and bread.  We definitely have enough for another meal.  I also had an ear of corn.

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