Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

After our morning chores and Jim washing the truck we had guacamole and chips for lunch, changed clothes and hit the road.
We headed out today to find a covered bridge...and we did.  It was a short drive to the bridge but it sure was a disappointment...the location by the Chicamauga Creek could have been wonderful, but the area was covered in trash and even though there were tables, no one in their right mind would have had a picnic there.  Someone needs to volunteer to keep the area tidy.

The inside of this small covered bridge was covered in graffiti (even the website shows this) and not worth trying to take pictures of the construction.

It's also small and getting shots of it from the outside was a challenge

The Chicamauga Creek is pretty and it's hard to imagine it flooding enough to destroy the earlier structure

We stopped in the Old Sautee Store was a treat!  The front part of the store is old, dark and full of wondrous old items that aren't for sale.  The center is full of candy and trinkets for the tourist.  The back is new, upscale clothing, crocs and backpacking items.

We then went on a quest to sample the local wine....after all the road boasted of wineries and scenic byways.  Well all the wineries were closed...only open on Thursday (?) or the weekends.

The day was gorgeous, temperature reached at least 80. We were home by 1600 in time to feed Boo and have our coffee