Monday, May 26, 2014

Lazy Sunday

How was your weekend?  We spent Sunday at home.  I did laundry, Jim tidied up outside.  He also spent most of the afternoon playing the's been a long time since he's done that.  So long, in fact,  that he had to set it up again.  He bowled, golfed and something else...Oh he hung up a couple bird feeders and we have a pair of goldfinches stopping by a few times a day.

For dinner I fixed enchilada bake and a salad.  I know we watched some NCIS and played games.

Memorial Day was spent quietly.  Our flags are flying proudly.  It's the first of our anniversary dates.  We've been together for 40 years.  Not many people thought it would last, but what did they know?

The weather has been perfect but sitting outside is a bit of a problem, we have to time it right to avoid the gnats! We lasted about 20 minutes today with our coffee before they found us.

For dinner tonight we're having sausage and pancakes.  Jim will cook the sausage outside while I stay inside (and bug free) to cook the pancakes.  We need to get a metal turner to cook pancakes outside on our grill.

I hope you took the time to remember those who have given all so we may enjoy our freedom.

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