Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VA Hospital, Asheville NC

After putting it off until it was 'convenient' I told Jim a couple days ago that I wanted to go to the VA for a health issue I've been having for a month or so.  The details aren't necessary and since I wasn't 'ill' I kept ignoring the symptom I was having.  I was pretty sure I knew what it was and I'd need an antibiotic for it, but I needed confirmation

This morning we left around 0900 for the thirty minute drive to the VA Hospital in East Asheville.  Easy drive made simple by GPS...aren't they the neatest invention?  We took our tablets and I took some walnuts knowing it would take time to get into the system and be seen.

Hah!  Once I said what I needed I was put into the system (which was the longest part of the process) I was sent to the emergency room and immediately given a cup to pee in.  Before I was done the nurse was talking to Jim looking for me and I was ushered into a room where she asked some questions, made some notations on my chart and took my temperature and blood pressure then ushered me back to an exam area.  We waited a short time here when a doctor barely out of grade school came and introduced himself, said he was waiting for the lab results and when it came he'd let me know.  Five minutes later he was back....confirmed my diagnosis and said he'd give me prescription and as soon as the nurse released me, I could go!

Just like that I was done.  I still had to pick up my prescription but the whole process too less than three hours.  We were home by 1300 and that was after a couple stops at the Post Office and grocery store.

If this is TMI (to much information) for this blog and my readers I just wanted to point out that I have never had a problem with the VA.  I have been to several facilities in various states and everyone was polite and helpful.

Once home we had lunch, Jim caught up on his blog reading and then took a nap.  I read some emails and blogs and then checked my eyelids for light leaks on the lounger.  

Being humorous Jim invited me outside to enjoy a cold beer before I start my meds....we actually sat out quite awhile....no bugs!  Fed Boo and we also had some coffee before we came in.  Very nice and we talked about travel plans and we may stay here another week because we like the area so well.

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