Friday, April 25, 2014


After we left the library we were sort of turned around as to where we were on the base.  We chose a direction and went off base to discover what was outside the gate.  As it turned out, not much.  But we ended up going out the Enterprise Gate.  Had we continued to go downtown we could have seen the Boll Weevil Monument...perhaps another day.

We circled around and headed back to Daleville and stopped at a McDonald's to see if Jim could get his laptop to connect to the internet.  It worked!  We had a cup of coffee and chocolate chip cookies...not a bad way to spend a half hour.

Back on base we stopped at the commissary and boy did they screw up.  Right out front, where it stops traffic is where the handicapped get to park.  Wonderful for them but it backs up traffic while folks wait for parking spots.  I jumped out and dashed into the store while Jim found a spot to park in the parking lot. Once home Jim got out three laptops and did who knows what for the remainder of the afternoon.  I fed Boo at 1600 but we both skipped coffee.  Around 1730 I packed up another load of laundry and my toiletries and headed to the laundry and bathhouse. The shower left a lot to be desired but I got my hair washed and shaved my legs  LOL

I had a salad of cucumber and avocado for supper. Jim defrosted some cooked brats and made a sandwich and had chips and pickle...

TV viewing included some car shows and Elementary.  While living in the eastern time zone we skipped watching the late shows because we went to bed at 2200.  Still not crazy about this Sherlock show.  Even though he's British, we Americans don't produce a mystery like the Brits do.


I'm not sure what Boo hears every morning around 0630 but as an alarm clock he's right on the money!  Jim says maybe reveille, but why on earth would they make the campground get up so early?  We are really, really out in the woods, about 8 miles from the exchange and commissary. 

Looks like a mostly cloudy day today and our high should reach the lower 80's

This little red head stopped by to say goodbye when we left Eglin...pretty, but not as pretty as my red head, Sonsearae!

Jim cleaned the ac vents this morning.  We're using the ac more and more.  How often do you clean yours?  After making the bed and doing dishes we headed off to the library again.  The morning has been misty so doing outside work was a no go.

I don't think we have any plans for this afternoon...

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