Wednesday, April 2, 2014


What is it about time and how it affects your body?  I don't mean aging that's a whole other problem...we expect the wrinkles and sagging skin because we've seen our parents go through it.

I mean time zones and daylight savings time.  Why does it alter our inner clocks so much?  It shouldn't matter what the clock on the wall says.  Get up when you wake up, go to bed when you're tired.  

We passed into the central time zone yesterday and driving can wear you out.  Our trip wasn't all that long, just over 100 miles.  But we were both ready for bed early.  Had our showers and got into our pajamas so we could watch the NCIS shows last night (1900/2000).  Jim was bushed and headed to bed around 2230 and I followed 30 minutes later.  Now I realize this is later using the eastern time zone our bodies are used to.  BUT!

I was up at 0430!!! and Jim got up at 0515!!!  He never gets up that early....he did say he slept well, as did I...but why did our inner clocks want us out of bed so early?

Time is an odd thing...we don't have to be  up at any particular time and certainly not that early.

I did have all my morning chores done before 0800 and Jim got the rig washed by then too.  He then shaved and we headed out.  Our first stop was the base so we could extend out stay but reservations wasn't open yet.  But at least they know of our plans.  Then we hit the Exchange for couple items.

I had mentioned Starbucks before we headed out and Jim found one at Pier Park although he didn't realize it at the time.  He just talks to his phone and follows Ethyl's (GPS) directions.  We're driving and driving and I asked if we were going to Pier Park and he said no...

Any hoo that's where we ended up...we got us some coffee and cinnamon crumb cake. Had to wait in line to get it.  Spring break is upon us and everyone was wanting hot coffee to warm up.  You see all the tourists were wearing shorts and short sleeves.  I guess they were waiting for the sun to come out.  It was foggy and overcast!

After we finished our cake we took our coffee and strolled the mall down to Front Beach Road, stopping in shops and looking at menus.  Then turned around and strolled back on the other side to do the same thing making our way back to Starbucks.  This part of the mall is all about tourists.  The rest of the mall has regular shopping like department stores etc.  I'm sure we'll go back because we've extended our stay here and leave the 15th.

We had one more stop at Publix for groceries and I found it funny that it wasn't even noon!  Once we got home and I got everything put away Jim decided he needed a nap.

That's been our day so far....  

 After our afternoon coffee we took Boo for a walk but couldn't go very far because of the wet conditions.  Behind us is a wetlands area and because of the rain recently the path was a bit mushy.

So we walked back and turned Boo loose in the dog park.  All he wanted to do was sniff and pee!  We found a tennis ball and played keep away for a bit until we got bored and then we came home.  Now he's passed out in his bed

Since we ate lunch at different times I don't think we'll have dinner...and I'm really beginning to feel worn out...

After a dismal, foggy start to our day the sun finally cleared away the clouds and it warmed up to the mid 70''s nice wearing shorts again.

Have you noticed the crosses on the pine trees?  Happens before Easter every year...


  1. Hi Linda,
    Just wanted to let you know I got your comment and you are entered in the giveaway on my blog. You are a no reply blogger so I had no way to comment back to you. Good luck in the drawing just send me an email so if you get picked I can contact you to get your address. Thanks for your support and sweet comments always on my blog.

  2. Sherri and I love to get up early. We just feel like we have wasted the day if we sleep late

    1. I don't mind getting up early Speedy...but 0430 is just to early!


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