Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Food Choices

Some of you know that I'm 'trying' to eat healthy.  I'm striving for a WFPBOF diet.  That stands for Whole Food, Plant Based, Oil Free. Basically I'm doing this for my health.  For more years than I care to count I've been pre diabetic, pre hypertension and borderline high cholesterol.  So, I've read about these conditions and rather than take medicine (so far I've avoided it) I'm doing it with diet.

In the 80's when I first started having symptoms of menopause (peri menopause if you will) I started this journey with my food changes.  I found out I also had cholesterol issues.  The doctor wanted me on Lipitor and I used up the samples and when I went to get my prescription filled I balked at the cost and said I gave up Dairy....This was a big deal for me as I loved cheese and I'm sure I ate it daily.  Once I left childhood behind I always drank whole milk, with every meal.  It was something I didn't have as a child.  Because Soy was supposed to help (contains plant estrogen's) with my change of life symptoms I used it for everyday drinking and baking.  I'm not sure I ever really liked it and I've since given it up for some of the newer concoctions out there.  I've finally settled on Coconut milk.  But I don't drink it, water is what I mostly drink.   I just use it for cooking and I've found I like the coconut creamer in my coffee.

Around this time I ate less beef, having it only two or three times a month.  Slowly as the years passed and I learned more about what is in our meat I ate less and less chicken and pork, giving up beef altogether.  Then I gave up all animal products.

I grew up in the Midwest and sausage was a favorite of mine...I love hot dogs! and Brats and breakfast sausage etc, etc, etc...Today our meat supply is full of antibiotics and hormones and I don't think anyone should eat them.  But this is a personal choice and I've tried to stay away from meat.

At home I do fairly well.  Sometimes it's a pain in the butt to stick with whole foods when canned soup is tasty and bags of chips call my name.  But I do make an effort to keep the veggies I like to eat in the house so I'm not tempted.  But I do fall off the wagon!

Like yesterday...while shopping I bought two slices of chocolate cake in the bakery department.  I've been wanting some chocolate cake and boy was it good!  I also have a problem with salty foods like potato chips, popcorn and other salty snacks.  I don't buy them for myself very often.  But when I do I can indulge myself to the point of gluttony.  And when we eat out I indulge.  I always tell myself not to but once I see the menu I'm lost.  Which is why you see me blog about my food....of course the beer doesn't help either.  But it's soooo good!

Now I'm trying essential oils to see if they will help.  Only time will tell.

So how am I doing?  I'm still pre diabetic, pre hypertensive and my cholesterol is still borderline....I guess I'm not perfect.  I can test my blood pressure at home.  But I have to rely on clinics for blood work to find out how I'm doing with glucose and cholesterol.  I'll have that checked when I get back to Texas this winter